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Stinger Sheaths!!!

With or Without Stingers                    


The "Airborne" - For those travelers requiring a non-metalic model. Made of .093 Concealex, no eyelets, and supplied with cord.

The "GroundPounder" - Great for joggers or anyone involved in vigorous activities. Made with eyelets and stainless steel ball chain. Has a slightly tighter hold.

The "Escort" - Has a smaller length of chain, hooks up to a key ring, and also has the most holding tension of the three. Great for having your Stinger in your hand when going to and from your house and/or your vehicle.

Stingers are $12.95 each, or 3 for $30.

Stinger sheaths are $30 each.

Stinger  w/sheath is $35 each.

Email to order!

Stinger Sheathes