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Our goal is to provide you a high quality product that is tailored to the way you will use it. This includes adjusting the tension holding your knife appropriately for the sheath type, and doing a significant amount of hand finishing to insure that all the edges are user friendly. We make sheaths for both fixed blades and folders, that are designed for recreational or tactical use.

Sheaths For Folders

SnapLoc Security Sheath - Originally developed for whitewater boaters, this sheath will hold your knife securely, yet allows instant access in an emergency. For those "rough and tumble" activities that require more security than just a pocket clip. Attaches to backpacks, climbing harnesses, pfd's, belts, fanny packs, etc.; wherever you need to store a knife that's ready for action. Holds the knife tight, but releases with a firm tug. Has eyelets on both sides so you can use paracord or plastic cable ties for a variety of attachment possibilities - $35-$40.

SnapLoc Neck Sheath - For those occasions when dress or situations make carrying your folder around your neck more convenient or practical. This sheath generally has a little less tension than the Security Sheath and allows you to deploy the blade on the drawstroke with practice. Supplied with a break-away stainless steel ball chain - $35-$40.

Fixed Blade Sheaths

Custom Belt Sheath - Our standard belt sheath for fixes blades is a "High Ride" design. This puts the guard at or above the belt top, which makes wearing the knife while seated much more comfortable. Belt attachment is done with a TekLok (lrg. Or sm.) or "G" clip that is sized to your belt width, whichever you prefer. This allows you to get both the side of carry and the edge orientation that suits your needs. We use a basic foldover design with the eyelets down one side, which makes for a good looking sheath with minimum bulk. Prices start at $65 and are determined by blade length, carry options wanted, and degree of difficulty.

The Drawpoint - An IWB sheath for fixed baldes and folders with the blade deployed, that's perfect for James A. Keating's Drawpoint Method of Reserve Grip response to an attack. Built for speed, there is just enough material above the guard to hold your knife secure, but no more, allowing excellent grip acquisition on the draw. Attaches to the belt with a reversible loop, with Pull-the-Dot snap, that can be adjusted for carry angle and edge orientation. Drawpoint prices start at $65.

The Southern Comfort - A simple, versatile way of carrying a knife IWB or behind the belt using a stud or "frog" to prevent the sheath from slipping below belt level - provides multiple positions and carry angles.
Because it is a "floating" system, it also allows a very discreet carry of rather large knives, and was the traditional method of toting a Bowie back when every well-dressed gentleman in the South carried one. Credit Master Bladesmith and consummate Southern gentleman, Bill Bagwell, for opening my eyes to this truly effective way of keeping a comforting amount of steel close at hand. All Southern Comforts must be individually fitted to the knife they will carry - No Exceptions. Southern Comfort prices start around $90.

Comtech Stinger Sheaths - A lot of you carry these handy little aacupressure tools to put pressure just where it is needed, so we've developed a series of sheaths to meet your needs. The sheaths are:

Airborne - Completely non-metallic with soft cord (developed for travelers)
GroundPounder - A little more tension and a stainless steel ball chain (great for joggers)
Escort - Suitable tension with stainless steel ball chain that has just enough "drop" to clear keys on your key ring for an easy draw. Can be accessed with keys in use (bad for muggers and car jackers).

Specialty Items - We also get requests to make sheaths foir a number of other utility items such as Multi-Tools, flashlights, batons, etc., and can usually accommodate your wishes. However, we may not have that particular item on hand, so in all likelihood, you will have to send it to us in order to make your sheath. Prices will vary depending on size, shape and degree of difficulty.

Package Deals - Sometimes we have special combination pricing for sheaths that already have a knife or other item fitted to it. These combos are designed to save you the time, hassle and insurance costs of sending it to us for a custom fit. Availability will vary, so contacts us with your needs, and we'll see what we can do for you. Some of our standard packages are:

White Water Pro - A security sheath with a suitable Spyderco or Gerber knife. (Salt Series - Tasman, Atlantic, Pacific, Salt, Saver Salt, Rescue, Rescue Jr., Endura, River Shorty, River Runner) - $50-$110, depending on knife
Carbon Fiber pattern extra.
Walk Softly - 
A Southern Comfort with Cold Steel Bowie of choice. Even though these are
production pieces, the proper fit is so critical that they must be done on an individual basis. (Natchez, Laredo, Trailmaster, Recon Scout, Black Bear Classic, OSS, OSI) $150-$495 depending on which knife.
Carbon Fiber pattern extra.
Walkabout -  
An An Escort sheath with a Comtech Stinger is the standard package - $35. Sheath colors will be random, usually black or Carbon Fiber pattern.
Attachment Options - River City Sheaths are modular in construction and will use one or more of the following carry methods:

"G" clip - a sized, molded belt plate that can also be used IWB with belt-less attire (sweats and running shorts).
Spyderco "G" clip - use anywhere you would use a mini-TekLok. Also available separately - $5 each, plus shipping.
TekLok (lrg. or sm.)- a hinged belt plate that provides easy on/off.
IWB Loop - a soft, adjustable angle belt loop with Pull-the-Dot Snap for inside the waistband carry.
"J" Hook - another IWB method that goes over the pants and behind the belt, hooking to its bottom edge.
Stainless Steel Ball Chain - a size up from the dog tag chain, it is strong, yet has breakaway capabilities.
Mercharness - turns any suitable sheath with eyelets into a shoulder system. Also available separately - call.

Our client list includes some members of elite military unites, federal agencies, search and rescue groups, and whitewater safety teams at World Class events, so our designs tend to be robust, secure, and fast deploying. We Also encourage client feedback as a way to constantly improve the designs. All work is guaranteed.

Take Care and Stay Safe!