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What's the difference between kydex and Concealex?

While they are both very similar in composition, Concealex is a little stiffer than kydex (has a higher Rockwell number) and has a slightly slicker inner surface. This allows a tter lock up with less material and helps to smooth the draw and protect your knife. For best results use a brisk drawing motion.

What type of sheaths do you make?

River City Sheaths makes a variety of sheaths for fixed blades and folders. We started out making sheaths for those involved in extreme sports that needed to keep a knife handy for rescue situations, and that blossomed into making them for other outdoor pursuits or for those needing self-defense rigs. On the belt, inside the waistband, on your pack, harness, or PFD, hanging from your neck - how would you like to carry it? This is a custom shop and we are open to suggestions.

What's the difference between the Security sheath and the Neck sheath for folders?

The Security sheath attaches to backpacks, climbing harnesses, PFDs (personal flotation devices), belts, etc., and requires enough tension to retain the knife during very vigorous
activities. The Neck sheath, on the other hand, will not be subjected to as many external forces, and needs to have less tension in order to make the draw easier on the neck. We try to tailor the tension holding the knife in our sheaths to the application.

Does this mean there is also a tension difference for fixed blades?

Yes. A sheath holding a hunting knife inverted on a backpack strap needs more tension than one worn inside the waistband, for example. A self-defense rig needs a quicker break than a utility sheath. Performance of a sheath can be maximized with the proper tension for the intended purpose.

What methods of attachment do you use?

For on the belt, we can form a rigid belt plate (also called a "G" clip) that is sized to your belt width, or install a TekLok or min-TekLok. For the inside the waistband or behind the belt, we use a soft Pull-the-Dot Snap loop, a "J" hook, a "G" clip, or just a simple stud. For belt less attire, such as "sweats" or running shorts, the "G" clip is the way to go. All the hardware is reversible, so you can get the side of carry and edge orientation that works for you. We use stainless steel ball chain for neck wear and para cord for attachment to packs, harnesses, and PFDs. We discourage using para cord for around your neck for safety reasons.

How does the stud on the Southern Comfort work?

The sheath is put behind the belt or IWB, and the stud prevents it from slipping below the belt. This is a very versatile form of carry because the knife is easy on/off, and can be put in an infinite number of positions, angles and heights. The stud does not necessarily have to bottom out on the belt, and pressure from the belt will help to hold the knife close to the body and keep it secure. Tension holding the knife, and the all important release, must be balanced properly with this sheath, so the knife should be sent in for a custom fit.

Can I use the same sheath for different knives?

No. The sheaths are all knife specific. They are heat formed to actual knives and the molded shape is what keeps the knife secure in the sheath until needed. A lot of production knives have close enough tolerances in their manufacture that the same sheath will fit that same model, but change the handle material in that model or anything else, and you will need a different sheath. Example: the all stainless steel, the G-10, and the FRN handled Spyderco Native all require slightly different sheaths. Knife to knife examples of the same model from a custom maker usually are different enough to require custom fitting.

Will Concealex mar the finish of my knife?

No, the material itself will not harm your knife, but dirt or other extraneous items on the blade or inside the sheath will cause wear. A properly made sheath will have a little free-play built around the blade to minimize wear, and also have a weep hole to drain water and help in keeping the sheath clean. In general though, thermoformed sheaths are better for working knives than for investment or show knives.

If I send in my knife, how long until I get it back?

This will vary according to the number and sizes of the orders already in, degree of difficulty, and show or seminar schedule. Usually we can get them out within three weeks, sometimes less, sometimes more, it all depends. Only one person works in the shop. Let us know of any time constraints you have and we will try to accommodate you.

What color choices do I have?

Standard colors are black or olive drab. We also have some Carbon Fiber pattern Concealex on hand, but this costs more.